Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay my fines/fees?

You can pay your fees and fines in three ways: 

1. Call the Clerk of Court at (701) 947-2813, Ext. 3, to pay by credit card. 

2. Mail a check or money order to the Eddy County Clerk of Court. The mailing address is 524 Central Ave.,

    New Rockford, ND 58356.

3. Pay Online by clicking here.

I changed my address, now what?

You must notify the Clerk of Court by calling (701) 947-2813, Ext. 3. Failure to notify the Court of a change of address may result in your mail being returned which may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest if you miss a noticed hearing. It is your responsibility to ensure the Court has your correct address at all times!

What if I want to reschedule my hearing?

If you want to request a continuance, have a question about calling in or connecting via Zoom, or other general court questions, you must contact the Clerk of Court's office at (701) 947-2813, Ext. 3. Our office cannot grant continuances or address changes to your hearing times, only the Clerk's office can.

I have mailed my application, where is my ballot?

New in 2012, and being used again for this election cycle, is Vote By Mail in Eddy County. Each voter will receive a mail ballot application in the mail. This mail ballot application when completed, signed by the voter and returned to the Auditor's office will result in your ballot being mailed to you at the address specified by you. You can track the staus of your Vote By Mail Ballot by visiting,

What is Vote By Mail?

Vote by Mail is an election where all ballots are cast as absentee. In North Dakota "absentee" means the ballots are voted at home and returned to the County Auditor's office as early as 40 days before Election Day, but no later than the day before Election Day. All ballots have to be returned to the County Auditor the day before the election or post marked the day before the election.

How do I get on the Commission Agenda?

Contact the Auditor's office at (701) 947-2434 or e-mail County Auditor Becki Schumacher at

When does the County Commission meet?

The Eddy County Commission meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Eddy County Courthouse.

How can I find out if Eddy County is under a burn ban?

You can access the current Fire Danger Index map by clicking here.

How do I register for CodeRED Emergency Notifications?

You can register by clicking here.

Where can I find information on current winter weather conditions?

Where can I go to find out what to put in a winter survival kit?

Check out this link provided by State Emergency Management -

Where can I locate the most recent road report for roads in Eddy County and North Dakota?

Visit either the "Emergency Management" or "Sheriff's Office" located in the "Departments" sections of this website.

Can I apply for a passport in Eddy County?

No. We do not provide these services. You can find the North Dakota Passport Acceptance Facility List at 

How do I get a marriage license in Eddy County?

To obtain a marriage license in Eddy County, contact the Eddy County Recorder at (701) 947-2434 ext 3 or ext 4. , e-mail, or stop by their office located on the  524 Central Ave. New Rockford ND.

How can I find out if Eddy County is under a burn ban?

You can find the current Fire Danger Index information by clicking here.

How do I find out if a sex offender lives near me?

Click here and enter your address to determine if a sex offender lives near you.

DUS/DUR: What if I got/get my license back?

If you are charged with Driving Under Suspension or Revocation and can get your license back within sixty (60) days of the date of your citation, the State will dismiss the charge against you. If you get your license back, please email with your name and license number. Our office will periodically check your license status too; if your license is reinstated in the sixty (60) days, we will automatically file to dismiss the charge for you.

How do I get a copy of my complaint?

If you would like a copy of the Complaint or information detailing the charge(s) against you, please email with your name and your request. A copy will be emailed to you. 

What would the State offer if I pled guilty?

The State is required to provide you with an offer on your case prior to your Pre-Trial Conference, should you wish to plead guilty to the charge(s) against you. For some cases, DUI, Driving Under Suspension/ Revocation, there are standard offers the State will typically make. You can find those by clicking here (coming soon) to get an idea of what the State may request. This information is provided only for a rough idea of what sentence you may be facing. For a specific offer on your case, please email the State's Attorney at Due to heavy caseload, you may not receive an offer prior to your Initial Appearance, but you are guaranteed one prior to your Pre-Trial Conference.